New genome for an at-risk bumblebee

A massive collaborative undertaking by BEEc co-directors Colla and Zayed and their team led to the development of the first genome of an at-risk bumblebee. The researchers sequenced and analyzed 20 individual genomes of the yellow banded bumblebee; an at-risk species that has substantially declined in Canada and the US. The genome will help us […]

Similar social behaviour, Similar Genes?

A new study by BEEc researchers find that similarities in social behaviour are associated with similarities in adaptive evolution in social insects. Dogantzis, K.A., Harpur, B.A., Rodriques, A., Beani, L., Toth, A.L. and Zayed, A. (2018). Insects with similar social complexity show convergent patterns of adaptive molecular evolution. Nature Scientific Reports. 8:10388. DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-28489-5 [link]

NNIs and the poisoned oasis!

Check out this new perspective by PhD student Nadia Tsvetkov and Amro Zayed on the consequences of neonicotinoid spillover on honey bees, recently published by TheScienceBreaker