BEEc researchers decipher the genetics of social immunity in honey bees

A team of researchers led by BEEc co-director Dr. Amro Zayed mapped out parts of the honey bee genome that affect hygienic behaviour - a trait that allows honey bee colonies to resist the spread of pathogens and disease. Please see the official press release. 

Brock A Harpur, M Marta Guarna, Elizabeth Huxter, Heather Higo, Kyung-Mee Moon, Shelley E Hoover, Abdullah Ibrahim, Andony P Melathopoulos, Suresh Desai, Robert W Currie, Stephen F Pernal, Leonard J Foster, Amro Zayed; Integrative Genomics Reveals the Genetics and Evolution of the Honey Bee’s Social Immune System, Genome Biology and Evolution, , evz018,