Southern Ontario Bee Researchers' Symposium...

BeeCon is an annual free symposium, organized by YorkU's BEEc research group, for local and international melittologists (bee biologists) to present and discuss their work on a wide range of bee-related topics, including behaviour, genetics and genomics, ecology, and conservation.

BeeCon 2020 Website

BeeCon 2020 was attended by close to 300 melittologists, other researchers, industry professionals and interested members of the public from 19 countries on October 16, 2020.

The inaugural BeeCon meeting took place in 2011 and has since been organized and hosted annually by YorkU researchers. Want to find out about previous meetings? Check out: BeeCon2019, BeeCon2018, BeeCon2017, BeeCon2016, BeeCon2015, & BeeCon2014.