Recent Publications

Published work by the BEEc research team:
  • van Vierssen Trip, N., MacPhail, V.J., Colla, S.R., & Olivastri, B. (2020). Examining the public’s awareness of bee (Hymenoptera: Apoidae: Anthophila) conservation in Canada. Conservation Science and Practice. 2020;e293.
  • Lawson, S. P., Kennedy, K. B., & Rehan, S. M. (2020). Pollen composition significantly impacts the development and survival of the native small carpenter bee, Ceratina calcarata. Ecological Entomology, 2020.
  • MacPhail, V.J., & Colla, S.R. (2020). Power of the people: A review of citizen science programs for conservation. Biological Conservation, 249, 108739.
  • Imrit, M. A., Dogantzis, K. A., Harpur, B. A., & Zayed, A. (2020). Eusociality influences the strength of negative selection on insect genomes. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 287(1933), 20201512.
  • Dew, R. M., McFrederick, Q. S., & Rehan, S. M. (2020). Diverse diets with consistent core microbiome in wild bee pollen provisions. Insects, 11(8), 499.
Additional publications by our group (prior to BEEc establishment):

February 28, 2020: New paper on wild bee communities in apple and blueberry orchards (S. Nooten, K. Odanaka, S. Rehan; Rehan Lab).

February 25, 2020: New review paper on use of genomics to help improve health of wild and managed bee populations (C. Grozinger & A. Zayed; Zayed Lab).

February 20, 2020: New paper on evolutionary history of the genus Colletes (R. Ferrari, L. Packer, T. Onuferko, S. Monckton; Packer Lab).

September 1, 2019: New paper on the effects of changes in land use management on the phylogenetic diversity of wild bees (K. Odanaka & S. Rehan; Rehan lab)

August 10, 2019: New paper on the nesting and overwintering habitat of bumble bees (A. Liczner; Colla lab)

July 22, 2019: New paper describing 15 new species of Liphanthus (N. Sharifi, L. Graham, L. Packer; Packer lab)

July 2, 2019: New paper studying brain gene expression and formation of social hierarchies in the social bee, Ceratina australensis (M. A. Steffen & S. Rehan; Rehan lab)

May 10, 2019: New study on how group size affects learning and memory in honey bees (N. Tsvetkov, C. N. Cook, A. Zayed; Zayed lab)

For more detailed lists of publications and ongoing research, please visit the individual lab websites (links provided on our contact page).